Recognize your best employees directly in Slack. Boost your team culture.

We get it. Your office might already stock LaCroix and have a ping pong table, but you're really looking for a better way to recognize individuals who are doing good work.

Karl is the perfect way to spread positivity by giving kudos, shout outs, or heaping praise for employees who go above & beyond.

Give kudos to outstanding individuals

Karl makes it super easy to appreciate and keep track of people that are doing a great job.

  • Keep track of the best performers with monthly leaderboards.
  • Add a touch of fun with randomly selected GIFs.
  • Stream recent kudos from a dedicated site designed for large screens.
  • Customize Karl to suit your team.
🙌 @lizzy! You got a kudos from @chris
GIF via tenor
Kudos to @lizzy for improving the landing page speed and putting our customers first!

Promote your company values

Recognition is a great opportunity to reinforce the culture you want to see. A strong culture motivates employees to perform better and makes customers want to spread the word about you.

Karl gives you a way to easily display your values right in Slack as well as tagging each kudos with a specific value.
Values breakdown
Teamwork  🤝
Supporting each other. Being kind and helpful while working together.
Great customer service  ⭐
Doing what's best for customers, partners, and consumers.
Above & beyond  🚀
Bringing your 'A+' game. Leading by example, having great impact, going beyond expectations.
Kudos to @jess for being so patient and understanding while working through this complicated re-design.
🤝 14
🚀 5

Powerful analytics

Get a pulse of how positive your team is feeling over time. Identify drops in morale and which company values are underused or under-recognized.

values breakdown graphchannel breakdown graph
kudos bar graph over time
Only one in three workers in the U.S. strongly agree that they received recognition or praise for doing good work in the past seven days... Further, employees who do not feel adequately recognized are twice as likely to say they'll quit in the next year.